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Safety, Health And Environment

Strictly comply to Health, Safety and Environment Policies (HSE) 
HSE assurance is ranked top priority in the company’s development. Our company always provides the necessary human and financial resources to effectively implement HSE policies.  Employees strictly comply to the company’s HSE policies.


Assigning responsibilities between departments to implement HSE policies
Establish HSE policies as well as action plans to guarantee the implementation of those plans. Monitoring, checking and reporting about the process of HSE implementation are delegated clearly within management hierarchy and relevant personnel.


Consistently updating HSE process and regularly organizing training to staff
We continuously improve our process to ensure HSE and build a friendly working environment for our employees as well as demonstrate our social responsibility. Our HSE policies comply with local laws and international HSE standards. In addition, HSE training programs are regularly conducted for our staff.

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Encouraging HSE activities

We encourage employees to contribute solutions as well as plan to complete HSE system and reduce risks in our project management activities.